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Wrongful Death In Atlanta -Here is Your Guide

by Grace

A person experiences wrongful death when they pass away due to the careless, irresponsible, or malicious behavior of another individual or group. As long as there is proof that the party injured or harmed someone deliberately or negligently, an individual, group, business, or government organization may be potentially held accountable. Unsafe medical equipment, poor working conditions at the workplace, medical negligence, and other factors can result in wrongful fatalities. 

An Atlanta wrongful death lawyer may bring a lawsuit against a responsible party who injured the dead either accidentally or on purpose. Criminal charges might be brought independently depending on the specifics of the deceased’s passing. With the assistance of a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Atlanta, you could be able to pursue compensation even if the individual who caused the demise of your beloved has already been charged with or found guilty of a DWI, DUI, or other crime.

Bringing a Lawsuit for Wrongful Death in Atlanta

It is never easy when a family member passes away. Still, when someone else’s carelessness or incompetence brought on that death, the loss may be much more painful, and handling the funeral preparations and legal matters can be daunting. The victim’s family and surviving spouse frequently face financial troubles, particularly if the victim is the main breadwinner.

In accordance with Georgia law, the party or parties responsible for the accident may be held accountable for the losses that the death of their loved one has caused. An action for wrongful death is used to accomplish this.

Any compensation obtained in a wrongful death litigation goes to the victim’s surviving spouse, kids, parents, siblings, or any next of kin. A victim’s family member, the executor of the victim’s estate, or a person designated by the court may file the case.

The following are some of the more typical losses for which survivors may file a wrongful death lawsuit:

  • Compensation for whatever costs the victim’s family has suffered due to their loss. This covers whatever medical care and life-saving measures the victim obtained before passing away, as well as funeral and burial costs, among other things.
  • Compensation for the family’s loss of comfort, mental pain, and sadness as a result of the victim’s passing.
  • Compensation for the emotional damages the family would endure due to losing the victim’s affection, assistance, and company.
  • Compensation for the loss of the victim’s past and potential future contributions to the family’s income, benefits, and services.

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