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What are the Common Injuries Reported in Car Accidents in Palmdale Lancaster?

by Grace

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of injury in Palmdale Lancaster, whether they are minor fender benders or not. Crashes can cause serious impacts to the head, neck, and spine that include damage to organs and extremities. However, these injuries aren’t always immediately apparent and may not show up until later on.

You should hire Palmdale Lancaster car accident lawyers after car accidents even if you feel like your injuries are minor. Even when you feel fine at first, the serious injuries you experience don’t appear to be severe, you can still have internal or hidden injuries that could be worse than you think.

Let us now look into the common injuries reported in car accidents in Palmdale Lancaster.

  1. Head injuries

Head injuries are the most common injuries in car accidents. They can range from mild concussions to skull fractures, brain bleeding, and even death. Serious head injuries can result in permanent disability, such as loss of memory, loss of normal functioning, and even paralysis. The severity of head injuries depends on the speed of impact at the moment of collision. In fact, the faster the car is going when it hits an object, the higher your chances of sustaining more serious injuries.

  1. Spinal cord injuries

Chronic injuries to the spinal cord can result in stiffness, pain, and even loss of feeling in certain parts of the body or paralysis. These injuries also lead to serious nerve damage and a loss of bowel and bladder control. In addition, spinal cord injuries are often accompanied by internal bleeding that may require surgery.

  1. Whiplashes

Whiplashes result from the neck colliding with an object, such as airbags, car doors, or the dashboard. This is usually due to a sudden stop or impact. Whiplash injuries can range from mild neck pain to visual loss, and even paralysis. 

  1. Fractures

Fractures are caused by the breaking off of bones as a result of the impact. These injuries can vary depending on the severity of the crash, but they are commonly associated with severe injuries to the limbs or spine. Fractures can occur in any part of the body and usually require surgery, physical therapy, or painkillers to heal.

  1. Burns

Burns are caused by hot materials or liquids, such as gasoline, spilling on the skin. These injuries can range from superficial heat burns to third or fourth-degree burns that cause permanent damage and even death. Burns are usually accompanied by other serious injuries.

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