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The Top 4 Benefits for Employees

by Grace

Hiring talent is becoming increasingly competitive, and candidates know this, which means they’re willing to hold off accepting a job offer to leverage greater benefits – they know their worth. To avoid losing out on a unique find, put desirable employee benefits in place from the outset. We’re not talking the usual here like a 401K, which should come as standard anyway. Instead, we’re discussing ways to sweeten the pot including wellness packages, health benefits, and flexible working hours. Continue reading to find out the top four benefits for employees.

Health Benefits

At a federal level, providing health insurance is no longer mandatory, so you will need to check state laws to find out where your business stands. However, healthcare benefits are one of the most sought-after in the US. You can provide standard health insurance but then take it further to have an edge over competitors. For example, you can provide prepaid cards, which will help employees pay for prescriptions and other healthcare needs. To learn more about what’s on offer, check out this comparison between Blackhawk gift cards and another reputable provider.

Flexible Hours

People are looking for an improved quality of life, and that means having a better work-life balance. This could be anything from flexible working patterns to working from home. In some cases, people will accept a lower-paid job based on this perk alone. After all, what’s the point in earning well if you don’t have time to reap the rewards? Implementing flexible working hours should be simple. After all, the technology is out there for many jobs to be carried out remotely, as was demonstrated during the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Flexible Leave

As well as flexible hours, people are searching for positions with flexible annual leave. Companies like LinkedIn and Netflix have already introduced unlimited annual leave, which allows employees to take additional time if need be. However, annual leave splits people into two camps. On one hand, there are some concerns that implementing such a policy encourages workers to take liberties. On the other, there are fears that employees won’t take leave for fear of losing their jobs. 

The way your “zero policy” leave initiative falls depends on upper management. For example, if you read this article, you will see that Netflix’s business leaders have to lead by example, which means taking a slightly increased holiday period split between sensible windows, and then talking about it a lot – to anyone in the company who will listen. 

Learning and Development

When employees start at your company, they have desirable qualities and expertise to fulfill your needs. However, they’re looking to improve their skills. You can satisfy this by implementing in-depth and exclusive learning and development including expert seminars and clear progression roadmaps. Not only will developing your employees allow for individual growth, but it will also improve the quality of work across the board. 

Take Away

Hiring expert talent in a cutthroat environment means catering to individual needs by providing greater benefits than competitors. To start 2023 the right way, observe the benefits above and look for ways to integrate them into your current benefit scheme. 

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