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The 5-Step Guide to Winning at Blackjack

by Grace

Blackjack is one of the best casino gambling games. Many players consider it fun and fairly easy to learn. Blackjack is also a sociable game usually played at parties and meetups. However, it can be competitive, and players using 25 free spins on sign up can win a lot of money from blackjack casinos thanks to free slot games.

When betting money, blackjack players should have the best tips to optimize their win odds, as it is no secret that blackjack involves more skill than many of the best online casino games. Below are 5 core tips to boost a player’s chances of winning at Blackjack.

Only Bet Money on the Types of Blackjack You Know How to Play

There are several variations of blackjack – each with unique sets of rules and payout structures. Players should study the types of blackjack to avoid losses caused by not understanding the rules of the game. Here are the five types of blackjack.

Types of Blackjack

Classic blackjack is the most popular form of blackjack casino gambling in Canada. Gamblers love this variation because it has a low house edge, and its rules are fairly easy to learn. Classic blackjack involves players receiving two cards and an option for a third while they try to reach 21 without getting more than that. Anyone who reaches 21 first (whether dealer or player) loses the hand. While Classic blackjack has a low house edge of 0.5, you have to make many correct moves to win. Luckily, many of these moves are straightforward.

European blackjack is famous for offering odds that are a little better than American blackjack. It is also a bit more predictable than other blackjack versions because it comes with two-card decks instead of 6 and above. Players are allowed to double down at 9, 10, and 11.

Face up 21: gives the players more advantages by allowing them to see both of the dealer’s cards. Dealers still have some advantages. Doubling down in face-up 21 is similar to European blackjack.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack: is suited to players with a high-risk appetite. It is regular blackjack with the same rules. However, players can place an extra side bet on the opening hand. The bet is on getting the same number on the first two cards. The payouts are:

  • 5:1 for the same value – number or the same face;
  • 10:1 for the same value, same colour, but different suit;
  • 30:1 (Jackpot) for the same rank and same suit.

Find Tables That Are Convenient for Your Bankroll

Some thorough research will go a long way in improving a person’s chances of winning at blackjack and online slots. Doing so will help players identify the best minimum stakes. It will also help them find no deposit bonus casinos that offer free games during off-peak hours.

Use a Blackjack Strategy

While gambling at the best online casinos in Canada is primarily affected by luck, there are blackjack strategies that improve a player’s chance of winning, and they are pretty different from the strategies of playing mobile slots. Many of these strategies are based on mathematical calculations that might help players recover most of their losses. While these blackjack strategies are effective, they are created with specific bankrolls, so they will not be suitable for players with lower bankrolls. Nevertheless, some common blackjack casino strategies are at the best online casinos. We will look at them more closely to know how Ottawa business works.

Cautious Approach

A cautious approach is designed to reduce risk and increase wins as much as possible when visiting a no deposit bonus casino. Betting patterns in this approach are built to boost wins. Each time a player wins, they have to raise their bet and play again. This stops Canada players from playing with money they can’t afford to lose. It also helps players survive a losing streak.

Martingale System

The Martingale system is suitable for players with larger risk appetites. In this system, players have to double the size of their bet each time they lose. Beginner players avoid this system because the odds of losing money are very high. However, experienced players with high-risk appetites prefer it because they only need one win to get a profit.


Labouchere is a negative progression system that involves a cyclical system to change wins and losses. It starts with finding an already set profit potential, then mathematically increasing and reducing the bet until the player achieves the profit.


This is a positive, progressive system that involves betting the amount won from previous bets. This strategy is called “Let it ride” because it involves leaving your winnings on the table and including them in the next wager. This system is preferred by blackjack players because it allows a winning streak to grow profits faster than in a negative progression. However, the Parlay system has no way to recover losses.

Paroli Technique

The Paroli is a positive progression technique that works by having a player double their bet after every win until they have recorded three wins in a row. If the player experiences a loss, their wager is reduced to the original bet.


This technique is a negative progression system that works by having players multiply their stake by the following number in the Fibonacci arrangement.

Pros of Using the Blackjack StrategyCons of Using the Blackjack Strategy
Increased odds of winningWill take a while to learn
Potential for greater entertainmentHigher risk of losing money

Learn to Count Cards

While there are advantages to learning the rules of the games, some players go the extra mile by learning how to count cards. Card counting involves tracking the amount of low and high cards shared and the cards that haven’t been dealt. Card decks with higher tens are ideal for players, while dealers prefer decks with more low cards.

Card counting in a live real money casino environment is helpful, as players who can make quick calculations will benefit from it. Please note that card dealers won’t give players time to do such analyses, so card counting should be a skill regularly practiced. Card counting is tricky and technical as it involves learning the rules of the tables you are at.

Types of Card Counting Strategy

There are many different card counting strategies, but all have the same goal – to give you an advantage over the house. Learn about some of the most popular strategies and find one that fits your playing style.

  • Ace five count;
  • Hi-lo count;
  • Knockout card counting system;
  • Red seven;
  • Omega 2 system.

Ace Five Count

This is the simplest method of counting cards at real money casinos in Canada. It’s suitable for beginners because it only tracks two cards. It works by having players double the size of their previous bet as the count rises. As a result, players are more likely to have betting spreads of 1 to 16 or 1 to 32. The Ace five counting strategy has less playing efficiency. However, its betting correlation is high enough to give players a little edge. In this technique, aces are counted as -1, while 5s are counted as +1.

Hi-lo Count

This card-counting system allows players to track more cards. It also has a good betting correlation. However, the playing efficiency is low. The rules for card counting in this method include aces and tens being counted as -1, while 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 are counted as +1.

Knockout Card Counting System

This system cut out the need for accurate and side counting. Thus making this system suitable for beginners new to blackjack and real money casinos. The KO counting system is best used by players who don’t want to convert running counts into true counts. The rules for the KO card counting system include the following:

  • Cards from 2 to 7 are counted as +1;
  • 8s and 9s are counted as 0;
  • Cards from 10 through ace are counted as -1.

Red Seven

The red seven method works by having players at dollar deposit casinos count red 7s instead of black ones. The most influential factor in this strategy is the running count. Card decks in the Red Seven blackjack strategy have the same starting counts.

One deck gets a starting count of -2, while two decks get a starting count of -4. Four decks get a starting count of -8, while Six decks get a starting count of -12. Finally, eight decks get a starting count of -16.

If the running count is high, players have good chances of getting blackjack and its payout. However, lower running counts have smaller chances of getting the payout. Therefore, players with higher running counts should wager more money, while players with lower running counts can afford to be conservative and go with wagering as little as possible.

Omega 2 System

This method of counting cards is best suited to experts. It encourages players to keep a side count for aces, making it more challenging to keep up with. It is also helpful when players are making decisions about taking insurance. Rules of the omega 2 card counting system include:

  • Aces and 8s count as 0;
  • 2s, 3s, and 7s count as +1;
  • 4s, 5s, and 6s count as +2;
  • 9s count as -1;
  • 10s count as -2.

Another popular form of card counting is shuffle tracking. It refers to watching for certain groups of cards within a shuffle. For example, players who have been counting cards might take advantage of clumps of cards found with more aces and tens. They do this by raising bets accordingly.

Focus on Your Game

Once players improve at blackjack or any other game like free spins, they start noticing mistakes made by other players during games. Since most players have different strategies and intentions, focusing only on your game while playing is advisable.

Some players might even interrupt your game by criticizing or mocking you. Sometimes, interfering with your game is done to spite you so you can lose your head. Players who can stay focused have better chances of keeping to their strategies.


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If you are looking for a particular casino, you can use the search function to find it easily. The website also has a comprehensive list of the top blackjack casinos in Canada, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs with the best casino bonuses.


Blackjack is one of the best payout online casino games that involves a significant amount of skill. Many players can significantly improve their odds of winning at blackjack by practicing good techniques and optimizing casino no-deposit bonuses.

Betting on blackjack casino variations a player is comfortable with. There are several variations of blackjack in Canada, and players should only bet money on the ones they are familiar with to prevent unnecessary losses. Learning different blackjack strategies, it is no secret that skill-based strategies boost a player’s chances of winning.

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