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Online baccarat for beginners: Tips and strategies

by Grace

If you’re looking for a game that suits you at an online casino, then you may well have some joy when it comes to playing baccarat. This is a game that is available in just about every online casino as well as all the brick and mortar ones. It’s also a game much beloved of 007, James Bond. And here’s the thing: most people have absolutely no idea how to play it. It’s likely that you have never gathered a bunch of friends around and chosen to play baccarat. Yet it is one of the better games to play in an online casino, for reasons we’ll come to shortly.

If you’re looking for a casino at wishcasinos.com, the chances are that the casino you find will offer a range of baccarat games for you to play. You may well be tempted, if you’ve had less than stellar luck on the blackjack and roulette tables. Before you do, though, it is worth firming up with a few tips on the game of baccarat, which will help ensure that your time at the gaming table is more productive. Here are some tips and recommendations that will enhance your baccarat experience.

The rules are wordy, but genuinely simple

If you search for a list of baccarat rules, you’ll find that the explanation goes into quite some detail, and most of it isn’t strictly necessary. What you need to know is that there are two hands (Banker and Player). Each of these has two cards in it, and a score is given based on the total of those cards. Your score can only be one digit, though, so if your total is 10 or more, the first digit is cut off. 

Also, if a hand scores five or fewer, and the other has not scored 8 or nine, a further card is dealt to that hand. After all cards have been dealt, the highest score wins. It may be more complicated than blackjack, but it’s still fairly simple.

But it doesn’t matter who wins, particularly

If you’ve never played before and have just read the above explanation, you may be imagining yourself in the role of Player. Plot twist: You aren’t the Player. “Banker” and “Player” are really just names given to the hands. You win or lose by betting on one of the hands or the tie. The Player hand pays 1:1, while the Banker hand does the same, but the casino takes a commission on it. What you get is more like 0.95:1. The tie pays 8:1, but is much more unlikely than those odds imply, so it’s not a good value bet to make.

Is there a good baccarat strategy?

Well, it’s not really a tactical game. Once you’ve bet, your involvement is over, so strategy is a relative term. What we can say is that you can strategise in how you bet: two popular systems are the Martingale and the Paroli system. Each of these is designed to limit how much you lose, if you do lose. But they are far from foolproof and if you really want to make sure you don’t lose, the only sure way of that is not to play. And where is the fun in that?

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