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Mavenir Announces Private Placement of $500M with Koch Strategic Platforms

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A subsidiary of Koch Investments Group, Koch Strategic Platforms recently signed an agreement for minority equity investment in Mavenir for $500. In the strategic investment Affiliates of Siris Capital Group, LLC (Siris) will remain the majority equity holders. Mavenir is a US-based company that provides end-to-end cloud solutions to organizations to meet the growing demand for 5G digital transformation. The cloud-native software is not just helpful to enterprises but can also ease the work of communication service providers (CSPs) according to stanbloomberg.           

On the other hand, Koch Strategic Platforms (KSP) focuses on growth equity. For this, it considers four thematic sectors namely computing and connectivity, industrial automation, energy transformation, and health care. The future plans of KSP are to leverage its resources and capabilities to partner beyond capital investment. Ultimately, improving the capabilities of Koch Industries to accelerate the growth of companies in which it invests buy backlinks.

As quoted by Pardeep Kohli, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mavenir, the company has built gen-next software platforms that will continue to drive the digital transformation of mission-critical networks. Together with KSP, the company expects to bring innovation and 5G that can revolutionize industries such as energy, industrial automation, and health care.                     

Frank Baker, the Co-Founder of Siris, stated that the time for the most anticipated transformation of mobile networks has arrived. To this effect, the company has invested in disruptive products, like OpenRAN and has an extensive relationship with over 250 CSPs. To this effect, the company has invested in disruptive products like OpenRAN and has a relationship with over 250 CSPs. In addition, the strategic partnership with KSP will open up growth opportunities and hindrances will be tackled together. The partnership is expected to enhance Mavenir’s already exciting growth trajectory. The investment has strengthened Mavenir’s balance sheet and will allow the company to accelerate innovation in CSP and enterprise networks.                                                                                      

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