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How to Get the Most Value Out of Rental Car and Airline Tickets Deals

by Grace

Whether you’re booking a rental car, airfare, or both, there are ways to get the most value out of your travels. By being flexible with your travel dates and searching for the lowest-cost combination of days, you could save big on your overall expenses. You can just click here to see some of the deals and travel packages.

You can also bundle your car rental with your flight and hotel reservations to cut down on costs. And by using a credit card that offers travel rewards, you can score deals on affordable rentals.

Check Your Airline Miles

The best way to get the most value out of your rental car and airline ticket deals is to check your miles first. The airline miles you earn through your credit card can be redeemed for air travel, hotel stays, and other rewards.

For example, American Airlines AAdvantage members can use miles or a combination of cash and miles to book a car rental at over 1,700 rental agencies worldwide. Delta Air Lines and JetBlue Airlines also offer rewards programs that allow you to redeem points for car rentals through their websites.

Some airlines even allow you to pool your loyalty points with other household members. This can be especially beneficial when you purchase tickets on multiple flights or for numerous trips to the same destination.

When you redeem your airline miles for a flight, it’s important to remember that the price per mile is often less than the value of the ticket. For instance, a round-trip domestic economy ticket can cost as few as 50,000 miles.

If you are booking an international flight, it’s best to search far ahead – about 331 days in advance – to find the cheapest award tickets. This is because budget airlines sell low-cost seats as their departure date approaches, and the prices of these tickets go up as they sell.

Check Your Credit Card

Using a credit card for your rental car and airline ticket deals is a great way to get the most value out of them. This is especially true if you have a credit card that is part of a rewards program. Many of these cards now allow you to book your car through their travel portal, where you can use points or miles to redeem for a full or partial statement credit against the cost of your rental.

However, check the terms of your credit card before you book a rental. Some cards will only offer you a certain amount of mileage or points for each dollar spent on the card, while others will give you a higher number. Also, you may need help using your airline miles or points to book your rental.

Another option is to use your credit card for the initial reservation and then settle the bill with a different card, such as a debit card. However, you should note that this can result in a hold on your original card that will remain for up to 15 days after the transaction has been settled.

In addition, be sure to check your credit card’s car rental insurance policy before you use it. This protection can be beneficial for travelers who aren’t familiar with the country they’re visiting or who want to rent a luxury vehicle.

Check With Your Travel Agent

Travel agents are often the best place to start looking for ways to get the most value out of your rental car and airline ticket deals. They typically have more connections with airlines and hotels than you, and they can help you find deals that are hard to beat.

They also know how to use online travel agencies (OTAs) like Priceline and Expedia, which make it easy for you to compare deals. They can even tell you which airlines have the cheapest fares to your destination.

You may also save money on a rental car by comparing prices from different brands. This is an excellent way to save money and avoid unnecessary fees, and it can be a great resource for people traveling with young children.

Another tip to consider is to check with your local airport and see if they have a deal for rental cars. Some airports have special programs where they will waive the fee for a spouse or domestic partner traveling with you.

Check With Your Hotel

To maximize your savings, you’ll need to get the most value out of your rental car and airline ticket deals. This means ensuring you’re getting the best possible rates for your travel plans, whether through a credit card or frequent flyer account.

One way to check if you’re getting the most value out of your car rental is to compare prices and services from several companies. This will give you a good idea of what to expect when it comes to customer service and also allow you to see if any deals available would save you money.

Another great way to save on a rental car is by booking it in advance and paying upfront. This will ensure that you get the quoted price and don’t pay for extras such as a collision damage waiver or additional insurance.

You can also ask for a refund on your deposit if you’ve damaged the car, which will help you get more out of the deal. It’s important to remember that some hotel-branded loyalty programs offer this as a perk, so be sure to look into them before you book.

Finally, it’s always worth checking with your hotel for particular early/late check-in policies that could make your trip more comfortable. These are becoming more common and can be a great way to generate ancillary revenue for your hotel.

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