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How to Care for Your Work Trousers to Extend Their Lifespan

by Grace

Purchasing a high-quality pair of work trousers is an investment in your future but you’ll need to take great care of them in order to make them last as long as possible. Find out how easy it is to maximize the lifespan of your black work trousers by following a few simple recommendations. You can keep your dark work trousers looking their best by washing them according to the suggestions below.

Sort Your Black Work Trousers with like Colours

Sort your black trousers with other dark clothes before putting them in for a wash. The dye in dark-coloured clothing tends to run during the wash cycle. If there are light-coloured clothes in the washing machine along with the darks, they will soak up the darker dyes. If you wash the darker colours together, however, the dye will re-absorb back into the black work trousers.

Turn Your Work Trousers Inside Out.

The outer surface that is exposed during the wash cycle will receive the most wear and tear. The surface that is facing outwards during the wash will experience more dye loss than the interior fabric. It’s the friction of the clothes being rubbed together that causes the fibers to break down, which disrupts the surface of the fabric. This means that less colour will be seen even if little dye was lost. You can preserve the look of your black work trousers by turning them inside out before putting them in the wash.

Close All Fastenings and Zippers

Closing the zippers on your work trousers along with any fastenings will also reduce the amount of friction and abrasion your clothes will be subjected to during the wash cycle. As well, knee pads should be removed along with any belts. Remember to empty all of your pockets since any loose objects may create holes in the trousers. Even a few coins left in the pockets may potentially cause a problem.

Start the Wash Cycle

In an ideal world you would be hand washing your work trousers but realistically this is probably not a practical solution. The next best thing is to wash the trousers in cold water using liquid detergent. Powdered detergent does not dissolve well in cold water and warm water will encourage bleeding from black clothes, which will make them fade faster. Cold water can preserve the dye in the clothing for much longer. As an added bonus you’ll save money on your water-heating bill.

Air Dry Your Work Trousers

Exposure to heat will make your black trousers fade faster. Your work clothes will also degrade faster due to the friction and heat from a dryer. Air drying your black work trousers will help them keep their shape longer and prevent them from shrinking.

It isn’t difficult to extend the life span of your black work trousers. Simply follow the guidelines above to ensure that your trousers continue to offer the professional appearance you need to succeed with your work.

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