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How to Accommodate More Guests in a Small Home

by Grace

Despite being eager to be the host or hostess with the most, your property’s size may stop you from inviting friends or family to stay with you. However, a small property shouldn’t stand in the way of you welcoming many guests into your home. 

A few clever buys could improve your floor space, ensuring many loved ones can spend a night or more at your address. Read these top tips on how to accommodate more guests in a small home.

Install Adult Bunk Beds

If you want to welcome many guests into your home, avoid adding one large double bed or twin beds and incorporate one or two bunk beds instead. Add a traditional bunk bed with two beds, or ensure there is plenty of room for a small family with a triple bunk bed. 

If space allows, add two sets of bunk beds into a guest room to provide many loved ones with a comfortable place to sleep. Speaking of comfort, you can help your guests fall asleep easily throughout their stay with cozy bunk bed mattresses from reinforcedbeds.co.uk, such as a supportive pocket mattress or a waterproof foam mattress.

Buy a Sofa Bed

Welcome more guests into your home by incorporating a sofa bed into your living room or guest bedroom. A high-quality design could provide a stylish place to sit throughout the day and transform your living room into a cozy bedroom at night. 

Alternatively, a sofa bed could work in harmony with an existing double bed or bunk bed inside a guest bedroom. Also, your loved ones will have a relaxing area to sit in the privacy of a room, which will create a stylish, comfy home from home.

Store Away Foldable Guest Beds

Foldable guest beds are a smart choice for those short on space. The flexible beds can be stored away in an attic or basement until needed, allowing you to transform any room in the home into a bedroom. It’s a handy choice for those who don’t have a guest bedroom, as you can set-up the supportive beds for guests in your living room, dining room, or even your bedroom. Having one of these stored away means you can accommodate guests at short notice. 


A small home shouldn’t stand in the way of quality time with your nearest and dearest. If you want to welcome family or friends into your home when they come to visit, there are options available to provide many with a place to rest their heads inside your property.

Bunk beds are a fantastic way to do so, as they will make use of your home’s vertical space while providing each guest with a designated place to sleep each night. Alternatively, you could improve your property’s flexibility with a stylish sofa bed or foldable guest beds, which you can store out of sight until needed. Whatever option you choose, you can trust your loved ones will appreciate the steps you have taken to provide a cozy space for them to sleep during their stay.

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