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Four tips for a physical and mental detox

by Grace

Do you often feel like you can’t pay attention to anything even though you have slept properly, or do you feel your body is lethargic or your mind is running at the speed of a Ferrari? However, you don’t know why it is happening, and you keep chugging cups of coffee and other caffeine-based drinks to get yourself through the day, but this vicious cycle continues the next day. If any of these situations sound familiar, you need a physical and mental detox.

If you are wondering why you need a detox or if detox is important, then let’s discuss a few things before moving toward the tips. We can’t stress enough the importance of physical and mental detox. Our body and mind are like two big containers; they love to accumulate stuff in them, and often that bad stuff manifests itself in the form of an unexpected physical or mental illness. We wonder how we fell ill of a sudden, but when we reflect and look deep inside, we realize it is the result of all the unhealthy food and thoughts our body and mind collected over the years.

A few years ago, things like detoxification and decluttering your mind and body were taboos. People used to think that only medicines were the way to treat your mind and body, but then people explored the benefits of self-care and detoxifying your mind and body from time to time. They learned that it could do wonders for your physical and mental health.

However, remember that these are useful for normal situations. If you want to detox for some other reason, such as an addiction, you seek professional services from facilities such as Delphi Health Group.

Here are four tips for a physical and mental detox at home.

1. Drink a lot of H20

The first and most important tip for any detox is to drink lots of good-quality water. Our body is 70% water; if that 70% is okay, the body and mind will stay happy and healthy. You should take your first step toward physical and mental detox by drinking lots of water and staying hydrated all the time.

Drinking plenty of water has many benefits; it helps you fight fatigue, improves your metabolism, helps you flush toxins out of your body, keeps the electrolytes in your body in check, etc.

Once you start consuming a decent quantity of water daily, you will see massive changes in your mood and health. Then you can accelerate your progress in the detoxification path by having different kinds of water-based detox drinks like lemon mint detox water or cucumber mint detox water.

2. Eat Clean

Another tip that will help you greatly in your physical and mental detox journey is eating clean. People say you are what you eat, and now it is up to you what you want to become. Food is the biggest contributor to your mental and physical condition and affects them unimaginably.

Junk food gives no nutrition to your body and is high in processed, unhealthy carbohydrates. Consuming unhealthy carbs in large amounts makes you feel irritable and lethargic. It disrupts your blood sugar level, making you feel down and depressed.

Too much sugar is also nothing less than poison to your body as they increase your blood sugar level, and then it suddenly drops. This fluctuation of sugar levels over a long time makes us extremely moody and often depressed. Sugar should be replaced with alternatives like stevia and honey, and processed carbs should be replaced with fiber to help you with your physical and mental detox.

3. Show Gratitude

Another tip that will help you with your physical and mental detox is showing gratitude for the things you have. Now you must be wondering what gratitude has to do with our physical health well. Gratitude helps improve your physical health. With increased gratitude, you can get a good night’s sleep and wake up the next morning with more energy, regulating your heart rate and reducing stress and anxiety.

Gratitude does wonders for your mental health as it helps you come out of all competitions and stress so that you can shift your focus from the uncontrollable to the controllable factors of your life. Decluttering your mind and getting rid of all the accumulated feelings is the mean ideology behind mental detox; gratitude helps you do that.

When we show gratitude for what we have and say thank you for the simplest things. We automatically find peace in what we don’t have, and this helps in getting rid of all the negative emotions that keep us up at night.

4. Limit your screen time

Limiting your screen time is an underrated tip for mental and physical detox, but it will do wonders for your health. Screens like mobiles, laptops, and television take a huge chunk of our day, and all the time we could have spent doing something productive gets wasted on scrolling screens and switching channels aimlessly.

These activities don’t benefit you in any way. On the contrary, you may become more depressed after watching the seemingly perfect world of social media and television, where everyone dresses sharply and crisply, walks perfectly, has a branded wardrobe, and has amazing family and friends. All of this makes us feel bad about ourselves and creates unnecessary pressure to strive for perfection.

Limiting our screen time not only helps improve our sleep quality but also reduces our time on social media, which is responsible for inducing body image issues and extraordinary beauty standards.

Last Words

Physical and mental detox is important for our overall health. Human beings are like a sponge, absorbing all the bad feelings and emotions to hide them from the world. This habit of piling things inside leads to physical and mental exhaustion, which later manifests into mental and physical illnesses.

Mental and physical detox can eliminate those feeling and make us strong for future possibilities. We have shared four physical and mental detox tips: drinking lots of water, eating clean food, showing gratitude, and limiting screen time. If you follow all of them, no one can stop you from getting the full benefit of mental and physical detox.

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