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Best 5 Indian bowlers in terms of Twenty20 economy

by Grace


When you hear the phrase Twenty20, the 1st thing that springs to mind is a lot of runs getting made, 6s being smashed, International India cricket team playing with a run rate over 10, and achieving numbers above 200.

Because batters aim to hit on each ball in Twenty20, the game is difficult for bowlers. Few Indian stadiums, such as Wankhede Venue, M Chinnaswamy Venue, as well as Feroz Shah Kotla Venue, have 60-meter limits. Occasionally, especially mishits request boundaries.

When it comes to the eco rate of Indian squad bowlers in Twenty20 international matches, Murali Vijay comes out on top with an eco of 4.5, whereas Sachin Tendulkar comes with an eco rate of 4.8. However, they just bowled 2 as well as 2.3 overs, accordingly.

Pawan Negi and Barinder Sran and Washington Sundar, are the other 3 bowlers with an eco rate of under 6. Washington has bowled 24 over within 6 games for an eco of 5.66. In his lone match, Pawan Negi scored 16 runs during 3 overs while maintaining an eco rate of 5.33. Sran threw 8 overs during 2 games, picking up 6 wickets for 41 runs with an eco of 5.12.

Parallel to this, some individuals have bowled just fewer overs and participated in fewer matches yet still have a strong eco rate. However, only those who have participated in a minimum of 10 Twenty20 international matches will be listed here.

The absence of India’s recent spin twins from this ranking is remarkable. In a limited-overs game, each of them excelled and stopped the score flow by taking wickets at regular intervals. Kuldeep had a 7.28 eco rate, compared to Yuzi Chahal’s 7.85. Also excluded from this list is Ravindra Jadeja, who had bowled over 135  in 40 matches for an eco rate of 7.27.

Ravi Chandran Ashwin, who has excelled as an Indian bowler across all forms, had 171 overs during 46 games with a 6.97 eco rate.

RP Singh, who played a significant role in an Indian World Twenty20 team in the year 2007, just missed the cut with one position. Throughout 10 games, RP Singh had bowled 33 overs for 225 runs with a 6.81 eco rate.

Many athletes are already off a list, so it will be fascinating to watch which ones are among the best 5.

Best 5 team India bowlers in terms of Twenty20 economy

5. Axar Patel

Axar Patel is a left-arm spin bowler, has featured through Eleven Twenty20 international games, and delivered 39 overs for 265 runs with a 6.79 eco rate.

With an avg of 29.44 as well as a scoring rate of 26, Axar Patil has taken 9 wickets. Axar Patil last represented the Indian squad this year versus the South African squad.

4. Jasprit Bumrah

Among the athletes that have developed quickly includes Jasprit Bumrah. Jasprit Bumrah is among the top bowlers in the short-overs format. Every batsman trying to hit a boundary versus him would find it very difficult. Bumrah doesn’t often go for scores. Jasprit Bumrah had been a fantastic discovery for the Indian squad. Bumrah had bowled 135.1 overs for 857 runs with a 6.79 eco rate in 35 Twenty20 international games.

3. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Bhuvneshwar Kumar  Bumrah’s opponent in the Twenty20 International games had a greater eco than Jasprit Bumrah. Bhuvi is renowned for his dead-on yorkers that prevent the opponent from fleeing in the last seconds. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has delivered 103.2 overs for 698 runs with a 6.75 eco rate in 29 games.

It will be interesting to watch which 2 players finish first and second on the list, with Jasprit Bumrah and Bhuvi Kumar taking 4th and 3rd place, respectively.

2. Amit Mishra

An Indian squad’s leg snip bowler Amit Mishra was disadvantaged and didn’t have as good of an opportunity as he must have. A 35-year-old had just participated in 10 Twenty20 international matches thus far. Amit has bowled 38 overs for 240 runs with a 6.31 eco rate

Amit Mishra comes in at number second. Among the top wicket-taker in Indian premier league (IPL) history, Amit has also pulled up a hat trick several times.

1. Harbhajan Singh

The first on this ranking include Harbhajan Singh. Harbhajan Singh played a crucial role in the 2007 World cup Twenty20 victory. Throughout the 2007 Twenty20 world cup finals, Harbhajan Singh still had just 1 over to bat, however, Dhoni tossed a ball to an inexperienced Joginder Sharma, as well as The decision proved to be a brilliant one.During 28 Twenty20 international matches for the Indian squad, Harbhajan bowled 102 overs. Harbhajan contributed 633 runs with a 6.20 eco rate. The most by an Indian bowler is the five first overs Harbhajan and Bumrah have each bowled.

Fact about Twenty20 cricket.

  • T20 cricket is a format of cricket in which each team plays 20 overs.
  • It is considered a faster and more exciting version of the traditional cricket format.
  • T20 cricket was first played internationally in 2005 and has since become one of the most popular formats of the sport.
  • The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most famous T20 cricket leagues in the world.
  • The T20 World Cup is an international tournament held every 2 years for T20 cricket teams.


T20 cricket is a fast-paced and thrilling format of the sport that has gained immense popularity worldwide. Bowlers play a crucial role in T20 cricket as their performance can greatly impact the outcome of the game. Some of the best T20 bowlers in the world today have the ability to take wickets and limit runs, making them key players in T20 matches.

In addition, T20 cricket has also provided a platform for many young and talented cricketers to showcase their skills and take their careers to the next level. T20 leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL) have become a lucrative opportunity for cricketers and have helped popularize the sport even further.

Moreover, T20 cricket has also introduced new and innovative tactics, such as the use of power plays, strategic time-outs, and aggressive batting, which have added an exciting dimension to the sport. Overall, T20 cricket has revitalized the sport of cricket and provided fans with a shorter, more action-packed version of the game.

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