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A Complete Guide To Vizio M70Q7 for Buyers     

by Grace

Vizio M70Q7 is one of the latest mid-range TV models available at an affordable price. It is brighter and displays broad colors with enhanced performance. This television offers decent picture quality and can support varying refresh rates. There are many reputable resource sites that offer a comprehensive Vizio M70Q7 review that you can read to understand how this TV model is best for watching movies, video games, HDR gaming, etc. In this article, you will read about all you need to know about this television model.  

Everything You Should Know About The Latest Vizio M70Q7 

Here are the primary features of the Vizio M70Q7, which explain why it is worth buying. 


The Vizio M70Q7 features a straightforward appearance that ought to complement any arrangement. Except for the bottom border, it features thin boundaries on all sides. The upper and lower portions are created with plastic material. The stand retains uniform feet, and it is possible to alter the height. The lower position elevates the screen 2.25 inches off the table, while the elevated position raises it 3.25 inches. 

Construction Quality 

As per a Vizio M70Q7 review, it can be said that the build quality is worthy. It is composed of plastic, and the back panel’s flex can be felt at the lowermost bezel and next to the inputs. The stand securely holds the screen. It has an ultimate thickness of 3.39″ (8.6 cm), and the borders measure 0.47″ (1.2 cm). 

Local Dimming Backlight Function 

On the basis of the content on the screen, the local dimming backlight technology can obscure or switch off. There will be less gray and near-black dim quality when the 32 backlight zones reach varying brightnesses in extremely dark conditions.


This TV model includes a set of 10-watt speakers and audio outputs for audio. In addition, you will also have the Vizio simulated surround sound setting. This model comes with distinct sound output choices to pick from, making it simple to use your speakers with the television. 


The Vizio M70Q7 is equipped with four different HDMI 2.1 ports, and one port exhibits eARC compliance. When you utilize an A/V receiver with the television, you can easily feed digital audio back to it. A USB port is also available, which you can utilize to charge any connected hardware or play local media. Additional connection choices include a digital tuner, Ethernet port, stereo analog terminals, and a visual SPDIF port.

Brightness SDR

The SDR brightness of this TV is good enough. Varied material has a distinct shine, particularly in the 2 percent window, which is darker due to local dimming. With content on the screen, it becomes bright to combat glare from some light sources.


Identical to the MQ6, the Vizio M70Q7 remote is flat, black, and rectangular. It features a straightforward design with a sizable, circular navigation pad directly on the upper side of the center. A pinhole mic, menu, power on or off, and specific service options for streaming services are located above the pad. So, you can have direct access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crackle, Peacock, Disney+, and Tubi. Beneath the pad, you can see the volume rocker and a mic switch.

Excellent For Movies And HDR Gaming

This television model is excellent for viewing movies in dimly lit areas. It retains a VA panel with an exceptional native contrast percentage to exhibit in-depth blacks. Good black uniformity and whole-array local dimming are both present. 

With 24p sources, the TV eliminates judder. HDR gaming works pretty well on this television. As a result of the VRR support, immediate reaction period, and minimal input lagging, it offers an excellent gaming arrangement. Since HDR material retains a broad color range and shows deep blacks, it appears decent enough. 

Bottom Line 

Overall, the Vizio M70Q7 is an excellent solution if you are looking for a mid-range television at a reasonable cost. Go through all the specifications and features once more while planning to purchase it. 

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