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5 Best Advent Calendars for Kids

by Grace
Advent Calenders For Kids

With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s time to start planning gifts and presents. Instead of the same chocolates and toys, you can choose a fun advent calendar for kids to make the season extra special.

If your children like to watch cartoons online or are simply fascinated with colorful characters, they will love what we have in store. From classic Barbie collections to Peppa Pig-inspired sets, these are the best advent calendars for kids in 2022. 

  1. Peppa Pig Story Book Advent Calendar
  2. Pokémon Holiday Calendar
  3. Disney Princesses Storybook
  4. Barbie Advent Calendar
  5. Super Mario Advent Calendar

What Are Advent Calendars for Kids?

What would you do if we told you there was a way to make every day of the holiday season count for your little ones? 

Whoever said gift-giving was meant only for Christmas Day didn’t know what they were talking about. These fun advent calendars for kids are the perfect gifts to get children excited about the holiday system. Inspired by their favourite cartoon or game characters, these calendars have a unique countdown system. Each dated box offers kids a chance to see what’s behind the hidden door. 

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The following five best advent calendars for kids are sure to inject much-needed festive spirit into your household. With unique prizes behind each door, the little ones will be squealing with joy over the goodies. Each advent calendar has action figures, surprise goodies, holiday accessories, and more to mark the Christmas season. 

5 Best Advent Calendars for Kids

  1. Peppa Pig Story Book Advent Calendar

What’s pink, is extra cute, and is worth $3.6 billion? 

Peppa Pig, that’s who! If the kids are obsessed with the cute pink pig, the Peppe Ping 2022 Advent Calendar Book Collection will make them very happy. Each door has 24 exciting stories to be read on each day of the holiday season. You can read all about the adventures of Peppa, George, and the family curled up before a toasty fire. 

The reading age for these stories is 3 to 5 years. Popular titles like Hide and Seek, Bedtime Stories, School Play, Daddy Pig’s Birthday, and more are included in the collection.  

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PS, We recommend making the Christmas Eve storytelling a little extra. You don’t want to miss the adventures of the pink family as outlined in New Shoes and Peppa’s Perfect Christmas

  1. Pokémon 2022 Holiday Advent Calendar

Children love cartoons and anime, so a Pokemon-inspired Holiday Calendar is a no-brainer if you want to make the kids happy these holidays. Developed by gaming giant Nintendo, this franchise has only grown in popularity since its launch. Two famous examples include the boom of Pokemon Go and major picture adaptations. 

The Pokemon 2022 Holiday Advent Calendar will surely be a hit with kids as it boasts 24 exciting gift pieces. Not only can you bag the fan-favorite Pikachu, but you can also nab other popular pokemon. Examples include the sassy-looking Torchick, the water-type Piplup, or the cute-as-a-button Jigglypuff. 

Retailing for $49.99, each calendar offers 16 figures and 8 exciting Christmas-inspired accessories. With this set, the kids can pair the pokemon with toy versions of classic holiday icons like sleighs, X-mas trees, gifts, and more. 

(PS since most of the toys are around two inches tall, they can be a choking hazard for kids below four)

  1. Disney Princesses Storybook Collection Advent Calendar 2022

Think watching old play-offs is a fun way to spend your holidays? Wait till you see the Disney Princess Storybook Collection Advent Calendar 2022.

Jasmine, Elsa, Snow White, Rapunzel, and more are coming to greet your kids with happy holidays this Christmas season! This Countdown to Christmas is an exciting scavenger hunt for your kids. They will be scrambling to find the appropriate date and Disney princess marked for each day of the Christmas season.

There are 24-page stories for every day of the month, December 1st through 24th, featuring your favorite princesses. Titles like Aurora’s Homemade Holiday, A Unicorn for Olaf, Jasmine’s Snowy Day, and more will surely leave your little ones thrilled. 

  1. Barbie Advent Calendar

One color-reveal doll, two hair extensions, three pets, 25 + clothes, accessories, and more. The Barbie Calendar is one of the best advent calendars for kids. Seeing the smile on your child’s face is as good a feeling as a winning streak on khel raja

This fun advent calendar for kids delivers the ultimate unboxing experience. Kids get to unbox a daily surprise for each day of the holiday season. December 1st is sure to be a big day because the first surprise of the month is the color reveal doll. Covered in pink snowflake packaging, your kid will have to wash the doll to reveal the surprise doll hidden within. 

In addition, this advent calendar for kids offers you the chance to win a kitten and two other winter animal friends. Companions for your doll include a fawn, an owl, and even a winter fox. Each box has accessories and clothing, revealing surprises like leggings, party dresses, hair extensions, shoes, skirts, and even a faux fur-trimmed jacket!

  1. Super Mario Advent Calendar

The Suoer Mario Advent Calendar features a never-seen-before Santa Mario – if that does not get your attention, we don’t know what will. 

To be honest, this fun advent calendar for kids isn’t only meant for children. Any Mario Kart lover will be able to appreciate the joy of unboxing a unique Mario figure each day leading up to Christmas. 

Since its launch in 1985, Super Mario Bros has gone on to have a loyal fanbase. So if you love Princess Peach, Luigi, Mario, or the little Yoshis, his popup is sure to be an amazing addition to your Christmas.  

Each figure is hidden behind a cardboard door marked with a specific date. As you countdown the days to Christmas, you open the little doors to reveal surprises like Ice Luigi, Snowman Mario, or even Santa Mario. In addition, you can also use the packaging to set up a Christmas-themed pop-up complete with tinsel, presents, and an X-mas tree. 

Why Should You Choose These Fun Advent Calendars for Kids?

Let’s face it, Christmas can be a hectic time – between the shopping and the decorating; you may forget to prepare something special for the kids. However, an advent calendar for kids is a great way to remind the children about the magic of Christmas. The reveal of each pop-up box is a reminder of the joy that accompanies the holiday season. Do it for the smiles and laughter; get your kid a holiday advent calendar right now!

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