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5 Beginner Skincare Tips for the Summer Months

by Grace

The summer indicates many jolly things for most people: vacations, beachside getaways, bikinis and a whole lot of sun. The summer months also happen to be some of the harshest on our skin.

Therefore, having a defined skincare routine powered by formula 10.0.6 products can be an effective way to prevent sun damage and pigmentation. But not everyone knows where to start, given the plethora of products on the market today.

So, here are five essential tips for newbies in the skincare game.

1. Create a skincare routine and follow it religiously 

Maintain and strictly adhere to a skincare plan. Choose gel moisturisers for dry skin and water-based moisturisers for oily skin. Begin by cleansing and toning your skin. Apply the recommended moisturisers twice a day after that. This will help in keeping the skin fresh and healthy.

Additionally, at least twice a week, apply a facial scrub to remove extra dirt and grease from the skin. Remember to use a scrub appropriate for your skin type and massage it in light, circular motions.

2. Wear a ton of SPF and reapply!

Cancer.org notes that about 85% of Australians do not wear any sunscreen. Sunscreen or SPF is the leading cause of skin cancer in most people. However, it is an absolute must, especially in the summer. With rising temperatures globally and higher percentages of desk jobs, it is becoming more than imperative to use sunscreens. 

Moreover, the sunscreen has to be broad spectrum to help fully protect the skin from harsh sun rays. Apply half a teaspoon’s worth of SPF for the face and neck areas and a full teaspoon-sized quantity per limb. And reapply the SPF every two hours for better protection.

3. Incorporate lighter creams and lotions

We sweat far more in the summer, but our skin still requires moisturising. However, considering summer doesn’t cause seasonal dryness, it’s best to avoid the rich creams entirely. Instead, use mild hyaluronic acid-based moisturisers. These moisturisers are excellent at keeping the skin hydrated without feeling sticky or heavy. 

In addition, apply a face mist to rejuvenate the skin during the day. This keeps you feeling fresh and offers appropriate amounts of hydration.

4. Invest in Vitamin C serums

Vitamin C is beneficial throughout the year but is especially crucial in the summer. Vitamin C can aid collagen formation, reduce hyperpigmentation, and decrease fine lines. So, use a few drops on the skin between cleaning and moisturising to acquire maximum benefits.

5. Wear non-comedogenic cosmetic products

Examine the labels of your cosmetics products and keep only the non-comedogenic ones. That’s a term for a product free of pore-clogging chemicals. Makeup that is too heavy inhibits the skin from breathing. The capacity of the skin to breathe is also influenced by humidity and heat. 

To avoid pore-clogging, use a tinted lip balm, a tinted moisturiser, or anything powder-based instead of heavy cosmetics.

Skincare isn’t just a regular practice to protect the skin. It can also be an incredibly calming and therapeutic process. The key is to look for products that best suit an individual’s skin. 

However, it can often seem like a lot of effort. However, investing in light formulations, an effective SPF, cleanser and Vitamin C serums from formula 10.0.6, and a range of non-comedogenic makeup can aid in protecting the skin effortlessly. 

Head to the nearest cosmetic store today and ask for a consultation today. After all, an expert knows best!

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