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3 Careers for People Who Want to Make a Difference

by Grace

For many people, a career is something that should be a passion. Few people want to work in a job that is uninspiring and involves routine tasks that seem to have no real purpose. A career can also take up a large proportion of a person’s life. In Europe a career can typically last from thirty two to forty two years in total depending on the country in which you work. Clearly it is important to use this time wisely and cultivate a career that brings true meaning to working lives. Many people seek to change careers when they find that their current role is no longer inspiring or intellectually stimulating. In addition, a growing number of employees want a career that truly allows them to make a difference in life. This article describes three distinct types of careers that can provide a sense of satisfaction as they allow the person to make a difference to the world or their local community.


The legal industry is one that offers the potential to change people’s lives and bring the guilty to justice. There are a wide range of specialties within the field of law that can appeal to different types of people. As a rule, people with a strong sense of justice who can present facts clearly and compile complex information to make convincing arguments are ideally suited to becoming a lawyer. There is a great degree of satisfaction that can be gained by ensuring that a client gets justice when they have suffered because of the actions of others, and any perpetrators are held to account. Lawyers can represent individuals, for example when they are representing a client in a divorce case. They can also represent a whole workforce in the case of labor union attorneys who may be fighting for better working conditions or pay for a group of employees. In short, becoming a lawyer can be ideal for people who seek justice and want to change the world for the better.

Community nurses

If you are a person who enjoys helping others and likes the idea of playing an integral role in the healthcare of local people, then a career as a community nurse could be a perfect choice. Community nurses will typically deal with a wide range of patients with varying health and social needs. They will visit patients in their own homes and formulate bespoke care plans that allow a patient to recover from illness or gain improved levels of mobility. Community nurses provide a vital role in the wellbeing of local people and as such the job can be immensely rewarding.

Fire crews

Fire crews have an important range of tasks to undertaken to improve public safety. One of their main roles is to respond to fires that occur in residential and business premises. Often, they are required to take a large risk when entering a burning building to rescue people who are trapped and may be suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation. Today, the role of firefighter has broadened and many fire services will also respond to road traffic accidents along with the other emergency services. Fire crews will use specialist equipment to extract passengers who have become trapped in their vehicles and may use forms of first aid to help to stabilize patients who have suffered from severe trauma.

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